In a globalized world where organizations ask for a faster and cheaper response to their needs, freelancers are shaping new workforce dynamics. 
Benjamin S. Szlakmann created sole proprietorship consulting business Tink Tank in 2014 to serve companies and non-profit organizations worldwide in the most flexible, reactive, result-oriented and cost-effective way.
Based in two countries at the heart of Europe, Tink Tank has a window over the French and the Swiss market, and speaks two languages : French and English.
Benjamin has held key roles in the PR business, managing corporate communications for tech companies (Canon, EMC, Sage, Sopra), with a strong focus on strategic consultancy, messaging and ghostwriting.
Previously, he built his experience as a headhunter by recruiting R&D managers worldwide for major industrial firms (Air Liquide, Areva, Nestlé, Valeo).
Benjamin is 10-year experienced in advising decision-makers. He graduated from ESCP Europe (2006) and Sciences-Po (2007).

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